Oral History

The Oral History collection at Ricks Library consists of audio and audio transcripts featuring people who lived in the Yazoo County area during the 20th century.

Click the titles to read the oral history transcripts, or to download the transcripts.

Oral History – Audio (Coming Soon)



Oral History – Transcripts

Barbara Allen Folklore

Mrs. W. E. Allgood Recollections

Mrs. W. E. Allgood, Sr. Civil War Days

Amanda Cary Bailey Life in Yazoo County 40’s and 50’s

Daisy Balsay Dr. Robert Fullilove

Robert Bowman People & Life in Yazoo County

Mary Brabston Recollections

William Bradford Energy-efficient home

R.J. Brown Fishing

Thomas H. Campbell Law Practice Afro-American Hospital

Mr. & Mrs. E.T. Jordan ( Carter )

Louie Andrew Cary Yazoo County-early 1900’s

Minnie Brister Clark Life in Yazoo County 20’s-30’s

Jerry Clower storytelling

Mrs. Ray Cobb Recollections

Cooper, Owen

Coovert, John Calvin

Fred Corley Alderman’s views

Clayton Davis Life in Yazoo County – 40’s

George and Jessie Davis Recollections

Grady Davis Life in Yazoo County – 30’s

Laura B. Davis Recollections

Herman B. DeCell Recollections – Law

Herman B. DeCell Law Practice

Herman B. DeCell on John Oakes

Charles H. Estes, Sr. Life in Yazoo after 1900

Charles M. Estes, Jr. Recollections

Mrs. H. L. Fennel Biographical material

Mrs. W. H. Ferguson Recollections

Online Now-Mable Oneal Ferris Recollections

Fuller, Albert- Recollections of Phoenix, MS in the early 1900s (Interview Date: November 13, 1974)

Online Now-Leola Galloway Afro-American Hospital

Online Now-Magnolia Turnbow Gates Recollections #1

Online Now-Magnolia Turnbow Gates Recollections #2

Online Now-Mrs. L.L. Geralds Recollections

Online Now-Gibbs School Students transcript #1

Online Now-Gibbs School Students transcripts #2

Online Now-Mrs. Elaine Goods Recollections

Online Now-Daisy Greene Dr. L. T. Miller

Jewell Nolan Guion Life in Yazoo County 30’s & 40’s

T.C. Guion Life in Yazoo County 10’s-40’s

Online Now-P.C. Harbin Life in Holly Bluff 1910-1920

Online Now-Greg Harkins Chairmaking

Online Now-Julia Houck Hartley Yazoo County after 1900

Online Now-Lindy Hathcock Yazooo County 1960’s

Hawk, “Hammer” Discusses Yazoo City after 1900 (Interview Date: September 1974)

Online Now-Jessie P. Hearn CHURCHES Yazoo City and Greenville

Hinshaw, Barbara Morgan and Robert Hinshaw- Drug Stores in Yazoo (InterviewDate:Feb 1974)

Online Now-Miller Holmes, Sr. Banking

Huddleston, Jr., T.J. and Mrs. Henry [Willie Jean] Espy-Afro-American Hospital-March 1980

Online Now-Margaret Humphreys St. Clara Academy

Online Now-Honor Ingram Old buildings in Yazoo City Recollections after 1900

Online Now-Dave Irwin Recollections

Online Now-Kelly Jackson Recollections

Online Now-Kelly Jackson Slave Life of Father



Online Now-Floyd Johnson Life in Yazoo County

Online Now-Maybelle Johnson Potatoes Molasses bread and other recipes

Online Now-M.D. Jones Yazoo County – 1920’s-30’s

Online Now-Mrs. Curtis Ketchum Recollections

Sister Leota St. Francis Catholic School

Online Now-Willeva Lindsey Afro-American Hospital

Online Now-Mary Bradshaw Luckett Recollections

Lamar Avenue Library

Lynch, Albert-Recollections of Yazoo City in the early 1900s (Interview Date: September 1974)

Main Street Panel Discussion

Mrs. W.W.Marshall Recollections 1930’s

Hugh Mcgraw Recollections

Mrs. Teresa Mcgraw Family background

Mary Louise Miller Recollections

Mrs. J.M. Myers Biographical Material

Eunice Nelson Afro-American Hospital

Soloman T. Nicholas, Sr. Family experiences after 1904

S.T. Nicholas, Jr. Yazoo City 1920’s-30’s

Mrs. Daisy L. Nolan Yazoo County-early 1900’s

Kermit Nolan Experiences 1930’s-40’s

Hubert Owens Afro-American Hospital

Online Now-Mrs. J.W. Parker Concert Series in Yazoo City

Online Now-Evie Louise Pepper Yazoo County Birds

Online Now-Ivy Pepper Personal experiences

Online Now-Meadow Perry Jr. with Riley Recollections

Online Now-Dewitt Peyton Recollections

Online Now-Mrs. Burdette Pollard Recollections

Online Now-Gene Powell Writings of interviewee

Online Now-Jo G. Prichard III on John Oakes

Online Now-E.B.Roberts Life in Yazoo County Recollections

Online Now-Joy Hearn Sartain Recollections

Online Now-J.P. Sartain Recollections

Online Now-Sadie Setzler Quilting

Online Now-F.W. Sharbrough Holly bluff

George Sigrest -Dulcimer making & knife making

Jack Sloan Recollections personal views

Mr. & Mrs. M.M. Smith Views on Yazoo City

Winnie Jean Stanton Life on Ridge RD. 1940’s






Robert & Bobbie Towery toymaking

Transcripts without tapes Bicentenial project


Eugene & Joan Turner Viewsof Yazoo City

Cyril A. Walwyn Afro-American Hospital

Will Washington Recollections

Mrs. Niceine Weber Recollections

Mrs. James Whatley Views of Yazoo City

White, Barbara- Views of Yazoo City (Interview Date: Sep 1974)

Mrs. Louis A. White Family Background

Flemming Whitney, Jr. Life in Yazoo City

Jim Wigley Recollections



Mrs. John G. Williams Yazoo City early 1900’s

Wilson, Charity-Quilting-February 1974

Tampa Wilson Basket Making


































































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