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Afro-American Hospital (1924 Founding Documents, 2015 Historic Registration, News)

American Red Cross (1957- Yazoo Herald-Red Cross Celebrates Founding)

AmSouth Bank (Speech given by AmSouth CEO in 2000)

Amtrak (1995-Yazoo Herald- Passenger Train Returns to Yazoo)

Anderson, H.T. (Tom) – (Librarian with the Yazoo Library Association from 1893 to 1897)

Anderson, Reuben V – (Mississippi Supreme)

Anding, Mississippi – (Small town south of Yazoo City)

Architecture in Yazoo County

Architecture, Yazoo- Wolf Lake- Broad Lake

Architecture, Yazoo- Broadway

Architecture, Yazoo- Yazoo Valley

Arkansas Ironclad – (Civil War Confederate Vessel completed in Yazoo City)

Armstead, Josephine “Joshie” – (Singer-Songwriter)

Arnold, Barbara and David

Austin, Curtis – Author

Aviation Show- (Brochure for an air show in Yazoo in 1971)

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Ballast (2008) – (A Sundance Film Festival Award- winning movie filmed in Yazoo)

Bank of Yazoo – (History of a local bank)

Barton, Lea – (Local Artist)

Beattie’s Bluff – (An early settlement on the Yazoo-Madison County border)

Bell Road – (A trail between Yazoo City and Vicksburg used during the 19th century)

Bennett, Admiral Fred G. – (U.S. Navy Officer in the 20th Century)

Bennett Family- (Genealogy of a 19th century clerk at the Bank of Yazoo and his descendants)

Benton, MS

Bentonia, MS

Bennette, Jr., Hermand – (Yazoo Poet)

Birdsall-Stricklin Feud – (Yazoo feud which ended in 1930)

Bleak House (A home on Benton Road in Yazoo County)

Berry House ( A home in Benton, MS)

Bottling – (Bottling Companies in Yazoo City, MS)

Bowman, Sister Thea (Franciscan Sister)

Boy Scouts of America in Yazoo

Bradford, Tina Pepper- (Yazoo Artist)

Brame, Dr. Webb and Brame Park – Pastor of First Baptist Church and the park named for him. Plus, information on the Dr. James Rainey tombstone in Brame Park

Brickell Walkway- Henry Herschel Brickell Memorial Yazoo Literary Walkway

Bridges in Yazoo County

Brister, Mary


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Cairo, Gunboat – (USS Cario)

Caldwell, John – (Professor)

Callihan, Family – (Local Family)

Campbell, Viola – (Local Poet)

Carey, Family – (Local Family)

Carloss, Helen, R – (Yazoo Attorney)

Carney, Family – (Information Request Regarding Jeremiah Carney)

Carr, Hope Estes – (Yazoo Artist)

Carradine, Beverly – (Local Family, Obituaries)

Carter, Henrine – (Yazoo Teacher)

Cedar Grove – (Yazoo City Home)

Cemetery Records

Chapman, Conrad – (Confederate Artist)

Chiplin, Charles K – (Yazoo Teacher)

Choctaw, Indian Fair 

Choctaw, Indians – (History and Photos)

Christmas Programs – (Yazoo, Ricks Library 2004)

Chronicles of Yazoo – (Play)

City Hall Construction and Repair – (Yazoo)

Churches of Yazoo

Churches, Benton Methodist

Churches, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church – (Yazoo church founded in 1868)

Churches, Black Jack Baptist

Churches, Center Ridge Baptist

Churches, Concord Baptist Church – Yazoo

Churches, Dover’s Chapel

Churches, Ebenezer Methodist

Churches, Ellison Methodist

Churches, First Baptist

Churches, First Baptist Church in Yazoo City

Churches, First Methodist

Churches, First Presbyterian

Churches, First United Methodist

Churches, First United Methodist Church History (Yazoo City)

Churches, Fletcher’s Chapel

Churches, Fletcher’s Chapel United Methodist (Yazoo County)

Churches, Hebron Baptist

Churches, Holly Bluff Baptist

Churches, King Solomon M.B

Churches, Midway Baptist

Churches, Mount Olivet Methodist

Churches, New Concord

Churches, Ogden Baptist

Churches, Pentecostal

Churches, Rocky Springs Baptist

Churches, Saint Francis Catholic

Churches, Saint John Missionary Baptist

Churches, St. Mary’s Catholic

Churches, Saint Stephen United Methodist

Churches, Shiloh Cemetery

Churches, Survey

Churches, Tinsley Baptist

Churches, Trinity Episcopal

Churches, Wesley Chapel Methodist

Civil War – (Yazoo County)

Civil War Activity – (Yazoo)

Clower, Jerry – (Yazoo Comedian)

Coleman, Bob – (Yazoo Artist)

Coleman, Gary – (Actor)

Communities – (Yazoo)

Compress – (Yazoo)

Confederate Monument – (Yazoo)

Confederate Navy Yard – (Yazoo)

Conn, Fred King

Courthouse – (Yazoo)

1850 Courthouse – (Yazoo)

Cox, Fletcher – (Football Player)

Cooper, Owen – (Businessman)

Coovert, J. C. – (Photographer)

Crump Fountain – (Memorial Fountain)

Crout, Betty – (Local Volunteer)

Craig Family – ((Local Family) Includes some handwritten family records)

Cox, James – (Local Author)

Crawford, Linda – (Local Library Director)

Cummins, Beth – (Local Folk Artist)

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Dover, MS

Davis, Reuben – (Author)

Decell, Herman – (Lawyer)

Decell, John E. “Jack”- (Architect)

Delta Implement Company – (50th Anniversary piece)

Dixon, Henry M. – (Local Family)

Dimitry, John – (Confederate Veteran and Author)

Dickson, Harris – (Local Author)

Deasonville, MS(Concert)

Decell, Herman(Senator)

Decell, Jack(Architech)

Delta Airlines (Yazoo)

Dillard, Leola(Local Centenarian)

Duggan, Foster(Horticulturalist)

Dunn, Charles

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Eden, MS (Yazoo)

Elks Club (Yazoo)

Ellis, Miss Annie(Teacher)

Ellzey, John E. (Librarian  and Historian)

Espy, Mike (Local Born Politician)

Eulls, Kaleb (Local Hero and Football Star)

Evers, Medgar & Charles (Civil Rights Leaders)

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Hamberlin Family – (Journal excerpts)

Hancock Family

Hancock, John – (Gravestone mystery)

Hanna, Pearl

Hargon Family – (Available at the Library)

Harkins, Greg – (Craftsman)

Harper, O’Tesia – (Artist)

Harpole, Wilbur W

Harris Family – (Obituary)

Harrison, Dr. Robert W

Harrison, Henry Thomas

Hart House, Big John – (Local Home)

Hassin Family – (Local Business Owner)

Hay, Elzey – (Author)

Haywood, Spencer – (Athlete)

Heard Family – (Available at the Library)

Heckler, Dennis – (Artist)

Hecktor’s Cafe – (Local Restaurant)

Heidel, Jimmy – (Director of the MS Department of Economic and Community Development)

Helferich, Gerard – (Author)

Helton Family – (Business and Civic Leader)

Henick Auto Supply – (Local Business)

Henry Family

Henson Family

Hill Family – (Obituary)

Hinman, Wait Family – (Genealogical Information)

History, Yazoo City – (Local History)

Hodgson, Emory Jr. – (Volunteer)

Hogue, Charles Reid – (Doctor)

Holiday Book Fair – (Library Event)

Hollins, Alexander – (Athlete)

Holloman House – (Local Home)

Holly Bluff

Holmes Family

Holmes, Herbie (Herbert Payne) – (Musician)

Holt Family

Home Place – (Swayze Family Home)

Hooter-Potter Family

Hoover, Houston

Hotel Lamar

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Lamar Avenue Library

Lamar Avenue Library – A branch of the Yazoo Library Association which opened in 1966.

Landrum Family – Obituary for Travis M. Landrum.

Leach, Herman – Local District Supervisor.

Leach, Wardell – Yazoo City Mayor

Library History, Ricks (See “Ricks Library History”)

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Parks (See Brame Park, Wardell Leach Park, Campanella Park)

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Railroads ( Yazoo County )

Read, Charles ( Savvy ), Confederate naval hero

Reeves, Carlton  ( judge )

Reconstruction in Yazoo County

Regan – Nolan Families

Reid, Bessie and Nolan

Renshaw Plantation

Rice, Hon. R. M.

Richardson, Zack

Ricks, Dr. Barbara

Ricks, Benjamin S. and Fannie J. Part 1

Ricks, Benjamin S. and Fannie J. Part 2

Ricks Family Papers

Ricks, Fannie Jones – Portraits, Will, Death Certificate from 1918

Ricks Library History (1838-2003) by Paul Cartwright

Ricks Memorial Library Appraisal

Ricks Memorial Library Background

Ricks Memorial Library Publicity

1960’s – Ricks Memorial Library

1970’s-Ricks Memorial Library

1980’s-Ricks Memorial Library

1990’s Ricks Memorial Library

2000’s Ricks Memorial Library

2010’s Ricks Memorial Library

Miscellaneous- Ricks Memorial Library

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Shields, Rudy (Civil Rights Activist in Yazoo)

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Taylor, Newson Newman Dunbar “N.D.” (Yazoo City Principal)

Thomas Christian Academy

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Williams, Mary Louise – Director of Ricks Library  (See “Ricks Library History (1838-2003 by Paul Cartwright”)

Woolfolk (nee Murdock), Bettie E. (Obituary 1927)

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The Yazoo Arts Association -Council

Yazoo Artists

Yazoo City Authors

Yazoo Art Calendars 2000 , 2004 and part of 2005

The Yazoo Citizens’ Council

Yazoo City DAR

Yazoo Desription and Travel

Yazoo City Directory 1936

Yazoo City Directiry 1963

Yazoo Downtowners Association

Yazoo Historical Society

Yazoo Microfilm on record

Yazoo Mills

Yazoo City Officials

The Yazoo City Fire Department

Yazoo and MS Valley Railroad Co.


Yearbook-Holly Bluff-1949-1950

Yellow Fever – (Yazoo Epidemic of 1853)

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